Looking for a new flashlight? These days you will most likely want to purchase a great LED flashlight. Here is a little guide to aid you when picking an led flashlight.

For those thinking of purchasing LED flashlights, there are more ways than one to buy them. Consumers can either grab the first flashlight they come across, the brand they are used to buying or simply go for the most inexpensive flashlight they can find. However, it must be remembered that all of these flashlights are not created equal, and that there is a reason for the wide fluctuation in prices between different brands.

Things to consider:

When buying LED flashlights, it is common to come across measurements in watts (‘X’ Watts). However, this figure has little to do with the actual brightness of the flashlight.
Some makers claim that their flashlights are the brightest. If so, it is necessary to find out what the flashlight is being compared to.
It is wrong to assume that the greater number of LEDs a flashlight has, the better its output is going to be. In fact, the reverse could be true because more LEDs require more power.
Comparing LED flashlights
As they say, when comparing two products, it is important to compare ‘apples’ to ‘apples’ When comparing LED flashlights, consumers must look out for the following:


‘Lumens’ indicates the amount of light that will be emitted by the LED flashlight. Compare the lumens for different flashlights.

Battery life is another important factor. However, comparing battery life is somewhat tricky because different flashlights have varied light settings. Therefore, various manufacturers calculate battery life differently. At higher settings, battery life is compromised.

What is the effective range of light emitted by the flashlight? The best range depends on the intended utility. For instance, if the flashlight is to be used for camping purposes, LED flashlights with the longest range are often a better choice.

Lenses of these flashlights are available in a variety of materials. Some lenses are made of glass while others are of plastic. Some lenses are very complex like Lexan, which is a clear, shatterproof plastic lens. Plastic lenses are generally not used in flashlights that have very high output as these may melt due to the heat that is generated by the bulb.

Ease and comfort

The type of batteries that go into LED flashlights determines the future expenses connected with the flashlights. Standard, easy to procure batteries are inexpensive and hassle free. LEDs with batteries that are hard to find are best left in the store.

Those flashlights with larger heads emit broader light.

These days, many people prefer to buy rechargeable batteries as these are more environmentally friendly. For flashlights that will be used closer to home, rechargeable flashlights with docking stations may be the best overall value.

Comfort and usage are important. If the flashlight is to be held for long periods of time, it must be lightweight. Similarly, if the flashlight is to be used underwater or in wet places, a diving flashlight might be in order

There are different kinds of switches used on these flashlights. The best way to choose the right switch is to find one that best suits the intended use of the flashlight.

Finally, the color of the LED must be considered as LEDs are available in white, red, green, amber, blue and cyan colors.


The body is generally made of aluminum or plastic/polymer. Aluminum is found in a number of more expensive flashlights and is very sturdy. Flashlights made of polymer are available in a great variety of designs as plastic may easily be molded into desired shapes.

Everyone has different needs in flashlights. Make sure these needs will be met with whatever flashlight is purchased.



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