The IMALENT flashlight kit if you are rich!

Do you have some extra money to spend? If you do than I would highly recommend you buy this amazing flashlight kit from IMALENT! At 100,000 lumens it is one of the brightest flashlight kits you can buy! This is a kit and it contains the MS18 R90C RT90 R60C DX80 led rechargeable flashlights. If

What we think of the Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC 90 LED Flashlight

Is the Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC 90 LED Flashlight the best flashlight you can buy? We certainly think so! It has a powerful wide to narrow beam that can shine over 1,000 feet! Check out the Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC 90 LED Flashlight!

Is the PD35 or PD36 the best flashlight to buy in 2021?

Our group of analyzers cherished the PD35 V2.0. However, Fenix as of late refreshed its line, supplanting it with the new PD36R ($100). Furthermore, two or three months of testing, we are satisfied to find that the new PD36R is an update over our past top pick for the best electric lamp. The PD36R is

Can you afford this LED flashlight?

Can you afford this led flashlight? I am talking about the IMALENT MS18 Flashlight! Unless you have a hefty budget this rechargeable led flashlight is out of your price range. Why is the IMALENT MS18 Led Flashlight so expensive? Well, of course it is rechargeable but it also has 100,000 lumens! That gives it a

Your LED Flashlight guide

Looking for a new flashlight? These days you will most likely want to purchase a great LED flashlight. Here is a little guide to aid you when picking an led flashlight. A Consumer’s Guide to LED Flashlights By Anthony Leger For those thinking of purchasing LED flashlights, there are more ways than one to buy

Try Pelican LED Flashlights

Read about some of the very best led flashlights on the led flashlight market. Pelican LED Flashlights. Pelican LED Flashlights By Nicole Roberts Pelican LED flashlights are safe, reliable, and built tough to handle the hardest jobs. How many times has one been going along doing fine and out of nowhere the lights go out,