Best Survival Flashlight for Winter

Do you live in an area that is often hit with large amounts of snow? Do your lights ever go out? What will you do when your flashlight batteries die? That is why today we are featuring my absolute favorite survival flashlight! The Cynergy Lifelight Waterproof Rechargeable Crank Flashlight with Window Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter, Compass, USB […]

How to survive a power outage!

Power outages in this technological age are very different than they used to be in terms of how we survive. In a world where technology is the root of day to day activity sometimes people might forget that it is possible for the electricity to go out, then what do you do? Recently the Merrimack […]

It is Hurricane Season! You need an emergency flashlight now!

If you do not have a couple decent emergency/survival flashlights what are you waiting for? With the hurricanes, we have had so far in 2017 why take a chance? Click the image or the link at the bottom of this post to find your emergency flashlight! A Navy SEAL reveals why you should always carry […]