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A Navy SEAL reveals why you should always carry a high-powered flashlight
By Emmanuel Ocbazgh

Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb reveals why a high-powered flashlight is one of the most important things you can carry. Following is a transcript of the video.

BRANDON WEBB: My friends and family are always asking me how to be better prepared. The biggest thing I think — advice I can give women especially is to carry a high-power flashlight. A thousand lumen flashlight. That small one you buy for $100 on Amazon. You have to spend the money, but a high lumens flashlight that will blind an assailant in the daytime or at night is the best investment you can make because you can take it on the plane you can put in your purse it’s a flashlight. Even men, I carry a high Lumens flashlight and I remember walking in a dark alley having a bunch of drunk guys start hassling me and a girl I was with. I just shine that light. Just shine it on the wall next to them and it freaked them out. They thought … it’s so bright it’s like a police light and so that I use that to defuse so many situations and I love the flashlight because I travel with it all over the world and it’s, you know you can take it through airport security. The important thing is to just incorporate everyday carry … carry items that are going to be useful to you in a natural disaster, in an act of terrorism or worst-case scenarios.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/navy-seal-why-you-should-always-carry-a-high-powered-flashlight-brandon-webb-total-focus-2017-9?r=UK&IR=T

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