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Month: January 2018

You need an LED Flashlight for night photos!

Want to take some really cool pictures at night? If you want to highlight a spot during a very long exposure you will need a good LED Flashlight! Even if you do not need the light for photos you still need a great led flashlight to light up your equipment!

Here is a great LED Flashlight that you can use with your night photography! Night Photography LED Flashlight

Night Photo


Do you like to take photos of yourself? I know, we call them selfies! If you do and if you sometimes take selfies at night then we have another LED Flashlight for you!

Night Time Selfie Light

night time selfie light


Check out the reviews on those lights and the prices and then go ahead and grab them. You can then be master of the night!


The KAIELDI LED Rechargeable Headlamp Review

There’s nothing as assuring as having your light above your head in the absence of natural light. You can swiftly align and adjust yourself towards the line of safety. You are not getting a simple headlight, it’s a proper outdoor lamp that serves numerous purposes.

This is one light that will move when you head moves and you can always adjust the focus to the desired angle. Kaieldi Led headlamp goes beyond the ordinary to deliver full bright lamp light that works in the in the darkest of night.

Get ready to get your heads fitted with the adjustable strap as you know reasons why you should choose this rechargeable headlamp.

Why Choose the KAIELDI LED Rechargeable Headlamp

There are too many reasons why you’ll want this rechargeable headlamp ahead of many others. One reason stands out of it all, this is not one headlamp that needs you to purchase additional accessories, everything is supplied in the kit.

If that’s not convincing enough the reviews on Amazon and every other seller’s website should do the trick. Every one of the reviewers has something positive to say about the multifunctional rechargeable headlamp. You’d wish you’ve had it earlier as it will make your outdoor events easier and safer.

Just know that you’ll see whatever is in 100metres ahead of you. This gives you enough time to brace up for the challenges and hurdles.

Description of the KAIELDI LED Rechargeable Headlamp

There’s a lot this rechargeable headlamp has to offer than most other lamps. It is built specifically for outdoor activities. Meant to make life easier for you while at home and far away from home.

At just 7 ounces, you’ll never feel the weight of the lamp over your head. Just strap over your head and you’ll do your thing just like always. Talking about the battery, the dual battery with an accumulated strength of 3600Ma is strong enough to take you through the entire night. The batteries at full charge will provide not less than 6 hours of continuous light.

Charging this battery does not come with many hassles, with you USB outlets you can fully fill up the battery juice. In a matter of two hours, the battery gets filled up and you are ready to light up the roads again.

You should trust the potency and durability of the 4 LED lights of the rechargeable headlamps. It is expected to provide not less than 100,000 hours of light. This should be enough to take you through many years of camping, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

Who Should Buy the KAIELDI LED Rechargeable Headlamp

Do you enjoy outdoor fun and activities? if yes then you need to buy Kaieldi LED Rechargeable lamp. While camping, hunting or scavenging the deepest forests of Asia, America, and Africa, you have the right tool to walk without darkness.

You have a reachable headlamp with the battery strength and capacity to withstand long hours of use. The build is also strong enough for rugged users. In short, you are making a good investment.


Quick Recap of Features

  • Double 1800mA Batteries
  • USB Charging
  • Four LED Bulbs
  • Warning Light
  • 7 ounces Weight
  • Telescopic Function
  • 6 Hours After Full Charge
  • 90 Degrees Lamp Adjustment
  • Stretchable Strap


  • Strong Battery Life
  • Adjustable focus and gaze
  • Adjustable Strap


  • It could have been more beautiful


What’s In The Package?

  • Kaieldi LED Rechargeable Headlamp
  • Dual 1800mA Batteries
  • Charging Cable

You should buy the Kailedi USB Rechargeable Headlamp Now While It Is Cheap!


Escolite UV Flashlight Blacklight, 51 LED 395 nM Review

There are many of life mysteries invisible to the human eyes. When this occurs, you need more than your eyes in seeing beyond the ordinary. Whatever you think is beyond your eyes, Escolite UV Flashlight will make it visible.

Whether you are battling with rodents, scorpion or even bed bugs, the UltraViolet ray of the Escolite UV has the strength to reveal it all.

When your nose perceives an odor and you are unsure of where this smell is coming from, you can rely on this flashlight to pinpoint the source of the smell.

Why Choose the Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light

Escolite UV is out to save you from pain and ill health. Let’s assume you always have the need to verify the authenticity of a document, bank note or certificate. This gap can only be filled with an Ultra Violet Flashlight that resolves the worries.

In the event you live in a pest, insect or rodent-infested environment, save yourself from pain and fear with Escolite UV Flashlight. With the flashlight, you can always spot this pain causing organisms from 50 meters. This put you on high alert and position you to protect yourself from harm.

In your comfort zone, there will be periods when you have to deal with odors. There will be a need to ascertain the exact spot and origin of this odor. That’s where Escolite UV Flashlight comes in.

Description of the Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light

The Escolite UV Flashlight is made out of quality Aluminum Alloy Body that makes it suitable for not just domestic use but also industrial application. While in the field, camping or inside the rainforest hunting down exotic animals, Escolite UV Flashlight has the strength to withstand every weather and terrain.

If you find yourself in the Amazon, or the tropical rainforest with numerous bloodsucking and venom spitting insects, having Escolite UV Flashlight will put you in a safe and advantageous position to protect yourself.

You just have to trust the 51 Ultra Violet LED lights of the Escolite UV, it will not only save you from harm but also get danger out of your way. The flashlight is brighter than most others available in the market and churns out 100,000 hours of lighting.

Who Should You Buy The Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight?

Everyone should buy the Escolite UV Flashlight. Yes, you read that right. In as much as you keep pets, go camping sometimes, and you enjoy hunting times, then you need the Escolite UV Flashlight.

Domestically, you can use it to detect the source of the smell. So also, pointing out rodents and insects in your environment. While camping or hunting, it will so help to keep you out of arms way.

Quick Recap of Features

  • 51 LED Ultra Violet Black Lights
  • 390-395 Nanometer Wavelength
  • Durable Aluminum Alloy Body
  • 6 oz Weight
  • 1 Volts
  • 100,000+ hour bulb
  • 3 AA Batteries
  • 7 x 1.5 x 3” Dimension



  • Point out every stain
  • Expect a lot than expected
  • Low battery consumption



  • Narrow Flood Diameter


What’s in The Package

  • 51 UV Blacklight
  • Battery Holder

Buy the Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light while it is on sale!


Our Top Tactical Flashlight of 2017

Well folks, 2017 is over and we are coming up with our top flashlights of 2017 and first on our list is the SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlights with tough Nitrolon body! This is our pick for the Top Tactical Flashlight of 2017!

SureFire Tactical Flashlight Description: G2X-C Surefire G2X Tactical The G2X Tactical is a compact yet powerful polymer-body flashlight designed specifically for tactical use. Providing simplicity of operation and tremendous illuminating power in a small package, it uses a high-efficiency LED virtually immune to failure since there’s no filament to burn out or break to generate a brilliant, penetrating, perfectly pre-focused 320-lumen beam. The G2X is activated by our classic tactical tail cap switch press for momentary-on, twist for constant-on. The tough Nitrolon polymer body is smoothly sculpted for a comfortable, secure grip and resists scratches, abrasion, and corrosion. A polycarbonate micro-textured reflector delivers a comparatively wider beam with generous peripheral light. We also make an aerospace aluminum body version of this light, the 6PX Tactical, and a dual-output version with a two-stage click-type tail cap switch, the G2X Pro.


The Surefire puts out a 600 beam of light! It is very easy to handle and light weight and it is pretty much indestructible! Seriously, this thing kicks ass and is good enough for police!

Read Reviews and Details on the SureFire G2X!

  • LED Flashlights rugged nitrolon body with anodized aluminum bezel
  • 320 lumens and 15 lumens for extended run time
  • Momentary on and constant on switching
  • Smooth optimized beam
  • LED virtually immune
  • Light Weight
  • Virtually Indestructable



Flashlight Reviews

We are happy to announce that we will soon be adding our very own Flashlight reviews and top 10 flashlight lists for a variety of types of flashlights! The first list will be the top 10 Tactical Flashlights of 2017.

We are in the process of purchasing tactical flashlights to review and to list! If you have a tactical flashlight that you think is one of the best tactical flashlights of 2017 please comment or contact us.

Thanks for reading and keep lighting up the world with your flashlights!

WUBEN LT35 LED is our featured Handheld Flashlight for Winter!

This week we are featuring the WUBEN LT35 LED Handheld Flashlight. It is Zoomable, Rechargeable, Waterproof and perfect for winter!

Take a look!

Here is the description from Amazon:

– LED Type:Ultilizes CREE XP-L2 V5 LED
– Material: Aerospace grade aluminum body,
– Lifespan:50000 Hours
– IP Rating: IPX8, Works well in raining day
– 5 Modes: High / Medium/ Low / Eco/ SOS
– Max output: 1200 Lumens
– Powered: 18650 Battery
– Weight (g): 128g
– Color: Black

Package Includes the following:

1x LT35 LED Flashlight
1x USB charge cable 1X 18650 battery

ATTENTION:Please open the tail switch of flashlight before connecting the USB cord when charging.

SUPER-BRIGHT: 1200 Lumens (max) Ultilizes CREE XP-L2 V5 LED,Spotlight an object as much as 1050ft away.Fully zoomable from wide to narrow beam. Features 5 adaptable settings: High / Medium / Low / Eco / SOS.
USB RECHARGEABLE:LEDs boast an extended 50000-hour lifespan and comes complete with a rechargeable 18650 battery,Connect the flashlight to any power supply, such as computer, laptop, phone charger, car charger, and so on.
SMART DESIGN:A pocket-friendly compact chassis with an anti-slip finish holds fast for your hand,and Hands-Free design to stand upright to offer full ambient Lighting in any room.
DURABLE & VERSATILE: IPX8-rated water resistant and designed to be used in heavy rain. Its durable aluminum body and shock-resistance endure rough handling.it still works great! It’s incredibly versatile, or even great for self-defense! Use it even as camping, hunting, mountain climbing,Bike Riding,all the way through power outages, emergencies, and more.
WHAT YOU GET:WUBEN LT35 LED Flashlight,18650 Battery,USB charge cable, User Manual,Lanyard,spare O ring.

Product Review:
I personally love this flashlight. It is usb chargable and very bright. It allows me to charge it in my car!

The accessories include a user manual, a micro USB cable, a lanyard, spare o-rings, and as I mentioned, a 2600mAh 18650 battery.

So, it offers 4 regular lighting modes; Economy (ultra-low) 4 lumens; Low 72 lumens; Medium 360 lumens, and High 1200 lumens. Plus SOS. There’s no Strobe on this model. It’s also impact resistant to 1 meter and waterproof to IPX-8 (submersible to 2 meters). Beam distance has been tested at 320 meters (350 yards) .
It’s 5.7″ long, and when extended (for the zoom) it’s 6.2″

To operate it, just click the rear switch, then lightly press to change the modes. There’s NO mode memory, and the DEFAULT is “LOW”, so each time it’s turned off, “low” is what you’ll get next time. The sequence is low to high, followed by SOS and “economy”. The only way economy mode CAN be reached, is turn it on and cycle through low>medium>high>SOS, with “econ” being the next mode that follows. To focus the beam, just twist the body of the light. Several twists are required to each the longest focus. The other GOOD thing about it, is when the beam is focused all the way, you don’t get as “squared” a beam as you do with other adjustable flashlights.
Have a look at the comparison photos I took of the two types of LED’s side by side.

When it’s charging, a red indicator on the base lights up. It turns green when it’s finished. There’s also a low battery indicator too. This works by making the main light “flash” every 5 minutes when the battery gets low.

For the price, it has decent features, and the switch works responsively during operation.

The two cons, are that it doesn’t remember the last mode, and that “Eco” is hidden until you cycle through ALL the modes first. Other than that, it’s a good, general, all-purpose flashlight.

If you want to grab one do it now while it is only $23.99!

WUBEN LT35 LED Handheld Flashlight,Zoomable,Rechargeable,Waterproof