Have you ever experienced a pet stain but were unable to locate it? The mess created by your pet on the carpets or even on your floor can be a matter of concern for you. Here is a solution!. This stain locator UV Flashlight makes use of long wave ultraviolet light to find pet stains. UV light causes the stains to appear with certain sheen for instant detection.

Easy to carry; take it wherever you take your pets.

This UV Flashlight has premium aluminum construction and is ready for use at home, in the car or at a hotel. It is highly durable and even if your pet plays with it, it is going to endure everything. Because it is made up of premium aluminum it is very light weight and easy to handle.



What else is it useful for?

This pet stain detector uv flashlight is not limited to pet stain detection only. You can use it to locate scorpions, bed bugs or other insects, human fluids or you can even detect counterfeit money!

It has 100 energy-efficient LEDs and it comes with 6 AA batteries. So, without further ado click the link below to find out more!

Black Light UV Flashlight 100 LED Blacklight Premium Handheld Ultraviolet Pet Dog and Cat Urine Stain Finder Detects Human Fluids, Counterfeit Money, Bed Bugs Scorpions & Leaks – Arf Pets