Whether you have a camping kit, a home, or a car, none of these are complete without a flashlight. An essential tool to have in case of emergency, you’ll need a flashlight that’s light, durable, and packs a ton of power.

The GLANDU Rechargeable Super Bright LED Handheld Spotlight is the best flashlight on the market to suit all your needs – here’s why.

It’s Ultra Bright!

GLANDU Rechargeable Super Bright LED Handheld Spotlight

Using Cree L2 beads, this flashlight is ultra bright (up to 6000 lumens) and works at a long range too!  An impressive 800m or 2600ft. This LED Handheld spotlight can be used as a searchlight, tactical flashlight, or a heavy duty spotlight.

The Super Bright GLANDU Rechargeable Flashlight  has a Super High Capacity Battery, up to 9600mAh!

The rechargeable 9600mAh battery capacity on the Super Bright GLANDU Rechargeable Flashlight means it can stay lit up for up to 30 hours in a single charge, so you can ditch the disposable batteries. Not only that, the battery doubles as an emergency power bank, meaning you can use it to charge your phone, tablet, and other electronics when you need it most.

It’s Waterproof

If you are a camper or work outdoors, this flashlight is perfect for you. It is IPx4 grade waterproof, allowing full use in the rain and other wet environments; just don’t submerge it underwater.

6 Different Light Modes for Any Situation

The main lamp comes in three modes: high, low, and flash, which you can easily adjust to suit your needs. Not only that, the flashlight also comes with a multifunctional sidelight and red and blue warning lights that can cut through low visibility environments, in case of haze or fog. Use the sidelight when camping as a lantern, or even as a boating light.

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