Is the PD35 or PD36 the best flashlight to buy in 2021?

Fenix PD36

Our group of analyzers cherished the PD35 V2.0. However, Fenix as of late refreshed its line, supplanting it with the new PD36R ($100). Furthermore, two or three months of testing, we are satisfied to find that the new PD36R is an update over our past top pick for the best electric lamp. The PD36R is […]

Fenix Flashlight Reviews

Fenix Flashlights

Fenix flashlights are great to use with a hunting firearm, and for law and military operations. It possesses the specific needs for individuals who operate and work in such fields. Therefore, many of these gadgets are compact, making the task of attaching them to a hunting vest or a police belt easy. Others come with […]