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  • SOLAR PANEL: Using the power of the sun, the rechargeable Pocket Light LED camping lantern will not only charge up your cell phone, tablet and other electronic devices, but this solar camp lantern can also recharge itself in a flash. Includes a smart chip, which offers protection from overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuiting the collapsible solar lantern.
    POCKET-SIZED: This mini camping light is so compact, it can even fit in your pocket. Its telescopic function allows the solar camp light to fold up to just 6 x 3 inches making it the perfect size to fit in your camping supplies or bug out bag.
    SURPRISINGLY VERSATILE: This emergency solar flashlight phone charger is surprisingly versatile, thanks to its durable handle. You can hang the Pocket Light inside your shelter and use it as a tent lantern, or hang it on a tree branch in the middle of the night for extra visibility. And charge your phone at the same time!