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  • *SAFETY* Drive with Peace of Mind with the 5-in-1 Tire Pressure Gauge- Includes Emergency Seat Belt Cutter, and Pop-out Window Hammer, and LED Flashlight for Use in an Emergency For More Safer!! Prepare This Compact and Light to Use with One Hand and Easily Fits Into a Glove Box or Backpack.Friendly TIP: Regarding on the battery cover, please press the head of the cover when you hear a “click” so that it hold on the right position
    *SAVE MONEY* Increase Gas Mileage by Ensuring Proper Tire air Pressure and Prevent TIRE BLOWOUTS! It is wise that add-on extra emergency tool and save your money.
    *CONVENIENCE* All Emergency Tools You Would Need, Right At Your Fingertips in One Handy Tool! LED Flashlight + Red Safety Light Make Checking Tire Pressure Even Easier in the Dark!Easy to Use: High-vis Backlit Digital Display. Incredibly Accurate: Up to 150 PSI +/- 1 PSI.