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  • 2018 BEST SURVIVAL GEARS FOR YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE, 13 in 1: Tactical Knife(upgarded), Tactical Flashlight(upgarded), Black Box(upgarded), Survival Bracelet(upgarded), emergency blanket, fire starter & scraper, compass, saber card, whistle, tactical pen, key-ring LED light, survival saw.
    TOP STRENGTH PARACORD: SOS LED Light + 500 lb Paracord Survival + 20 in 1 Multifunctional Functions. Strong and Secured to Take Load Up to 500 lb (227kg); The LED Light can flash or just stay on, illuminating your way to safety or rescue. Its battery on above these models last for more than 70hrs. We can find that LED light within 10 meter diameter in darkness.
    POWERFUL EVERYDAY FLASHLIGHT: All-metal construction and 3 operating modes offer the reliability and flexibility you need for use around the house, outdoors, or in emergencies. Super Powerful beam Bright Beam, max 600lumens output and yet is compact and lightweight enough (only 67G) to carry in your pocket or backpack.