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  • SUPER BRIGHT SEARCHLIGHT – Produces a scorching 1800 lumen beam that lights up to 322 yards, making it perfect for search and rescue, hiking, camping and more.
    LIGHTWEIGHT & POCKET SIZED – Weighing a mere 3.39oz and small enough to fit in a pocket, the MH23 is a fantastic choice for everyday carry and travel.
    EASY ONE BUTTON OPERATION – The conveniently located side switch offers quick access to 5 brightness levels, 3 special modes and direct access to turbo and ultralow allowing users to quickly adjust output modes without having to fumble with multiple buttons.

  • BRIGHTEST, SMALLEST KEYCHAIN LIGHT – This innovative super mini keychain flashlight pushes the boundaries with the brightest output available for its size. A CREE XP-G2 S3 LED emits up to 380 lumens max output – bright enough to rival full size lights!
    ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing under half an ounce and measuring 1.7″x1″x0.45″ in size, the TINI is barely noticeable on your keychain or tucked into pockets and bags for everyday carry.
    SIMPLE OPERATION – Control on/off and mode adjustment with two easy to use dual controls. Press & hold the Power button for two seconds to turn on the TINI for constant illumination or press & hold the Mode button for instant access to Turbo.