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  • HANRDS FREE BOOK LIGHT. No more holding a flashlight by your hand or by your mouth, or wear a headlamp on your head, nodding your head like a robot to adjust the light directions when you are reading or busy in working. This flexible neckband hug light helps you just focus on what you are doing, whenever for reading in bed or in garden/patio, walking dog, repairing, crafts, working and many others.
    WANT READING IN BED WITHOUT BEING SENT TO READ ELSEWHERE BY YOUR PARTNER? Our book lights have 2 LED for each arm with independent switch for each arm. 3 Brightness Levels for each arm: Flashlight- flood light-Full Brightness. Provide you a small area with enough bright light just for reading without disturbing your sound asleep partner.
    NO MORE WASTING MONEY ON BATTERIES – EVER. This book light for reading in bed features built-in RECHARGEABLE 700mAh Lithium battery with 1000 cycle life, equal to 3,000 pcs of AAA batteries, save money and save the earth. Wireless 7-40 HOURS reading time depends on different brightness levels.3 power modes to choose from. Standard micro USB cable included.