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  • 【Multiple Lighting Mode】headlight( bright light: 3-4 hours, medium light: 5-6 hours, strobe: 5-6 hours). Side white light( full light 3-4 hours, half light 6-7 hours). Side red and blue light flash alternately( 6-7 hours). The lighting distance is 700 feets away.
    【All-in-one Tool】Not only a flashlight, the hidden cutter can cut strings when camping, and the emergency hammer to break the stuck window or even defend yourself. Strong magnet on the side can be easily attach to the to the car or other magnetic places, leaving your hands free to work. Built in compass to help you find the direction. Side red and blue light flash alternately can be used to ask for help.
    【Rechargeable Emergency Power Bank】Built-in 2000mAh 18650 battery, could be charged with included USB Cable (4-5hrs) or Solar Power (15hrs), using the USB cable to connect your phone with the flashlight and charge your phone for emergency.