Goal Zero Lighthouse Core Lantern and USB Power Hub

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Power Source: USB-rechargeable Li-ion NMC
Modes: one side lit, both sides lit
Lumens: 400

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Everyone will have to be prepared for the next zombie invasion or apocalyptic reversal of the magnetic poles and your battery-operated flashlight isn’t going to cut it. In all seriousness, the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 is a stellar choice for lighting up the night when the grid is down, thanks to a couple of charging options and 400 lumens of brilliant light. As Goal Zero’s brightest lantern, the Lighthouse 400 utilizes 360-degree LED projection that’s turn-adjustable. This lets you save precious battery life and precisely adjust lighting to your intended use. The Lighthouse 400 separates itself from on a regular basis lanterns with a couple of charging configurations. Some of the coolest features is the ability to use a self-powered crank to charge the lantern when the battery runs out. Just one minute of cranking will provide you with ten minutes of lighting, which is just enough for performing essential duties after the neighborhood’s electricity goes out all the way through a thunderstorm. For off-grid campers and survivalists, the Lighthouse 400 plugs into Goal Zero’s solar panels for a in reality sustainable energy source. When time is of the essence, simply plug it into any powered USB port with the included cable. USB charging fully powers the lantern in about five hours. But even so its incredibly versatile charging options, the Lighthouse 400 has a USB output port that juices up gadgets off the grid. It fully charges smartphones and boosts the to be had battery of larger tablets with the internal lithium battery providing 4,400mAh with a 1. 5A USB output.
Power Source: USB-rechargeable Li-ion NMC
Modes: one side lit, both sides lit
Lumens: 400
Burn Time: [one side lit, high to low] 6 – 48hr, [both sides lit, high to low] 2.5 – 24hr
Dimensions: 4.5 x 5 x 6.5 in

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