Be it bathroom, bedroom or living room, our customers use this motion sensor night light everywhere and are pleased doing that. They purchase not one but many motion sensor night lights for different rooms in their homes.

One of our happy customers was impressed with its light sensor which allows it to be switched on when there is darkness in the room it is present in. Once there is light in the room over again, it gets switched off saving the battery power.

It also has a motion sensor in it. The motion sensor switches the flashlight on when you walk by it. This feature is highly appreciated by our customers as they do not have to fumble to search for a torch anymore when there is a power outage.

This motion sensor night light has solved problems of many people. Some people call it perfect according to their needs, some people have become a fan of its sensors and some people appreciate its bright light.

We have so many happy customers of this night light and we hope to get more of such customers.

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Datexx Sentina LED Motion Sensor Night Light, Emergency Power Failure Light with Built-In Flashlight and Dusk/Dawn Sensor, LED-92MB