Well folks, here is just one more big reason to buy a real flashlight rather than use the tiny led on your phone!

This is an excerpt from Gizmodo.co.uk talking about malware being hidden in flashlight apps!

Active on Google Play Store as recently as last Friday, a mobile banking trojan infected thousands of users who thought they were downloading games or innocent-looking apps, according to research published by a trio of cybersecurity firms.

The malware, known as BankBot, was concealed inside various torch and Solitaire apps, and was first detected by researchers on 13th October. After downloading an infected app, the trojan would activate and wait for users to log in to pre-selected US banking apps. In some cases, bank transaction authentication numbers (TANs)—a form of multi-factor authentication employed by some banks—were intercepted in text messages.

Source: http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2017/11/flashlight-apps-snuck-malware-into-googles-play-store-targeting-bank-accounts/

I Mean come on! You can buy 100 of these tiny little keychain leds for less then $40! 100 of them!