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  • ✔ EASILY DETECTS PET URINE — Aside from your pet’s obvious and favorite places, he also has his secret spots of relieving somewhere or everywhere! Worry no more, our Flashlight for Pet Urine by Sungrow easily spots Cat/Dog urine stains that are not visible to the naked eye. The light glows neon in the dark and it will reveal where your pets did the deed whether on carpets, floors, rugs, curtains, furniture etc.
    ✔ MULTI-TASKING FLASHLIGHT — This state-of-the-art flashlight can do so much more than finding pet urine stains! You can spot scorpions using it. The southern part of the nation is affected by scorpion presence. You can also trace counterfeit money, pinpoint leaks of any kind and it can even find Whitening Agent in your baby’s clothes.
    ✔ EASY TO CARRY & OPERATE — Compact and lightweight, it only measures 7 x 1.5 x 3 inches and best for both home and outdoor activities. Powered by three AA batteries (not included in the pack), it is only being operated by a single push button making it so simple to use. It also includes a lanyard which can be used either to wrap wrist or as a belt loop so you can comfortably bring it along anywhere.