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  • PORTABILITY: powered by 3pcs AAA batteries (not included), the LED light requires no wiring or electrical connection. It can be attached to any flat surfact with the 3M adhesive pads included. It can also be conveniently removed from the mounting plate and used as a flashlight if needed.
    ENERGY-EFFICIENT: LED light takes 20% the power consumption compared to the traditional incandescent lamps; Light sensor shuts down the light when detecting ambient light. When it’s dark, advanced passive infrared sensor turns on the light when detecting motion in a beam angle of 120 degrees within a 3 meter distance and turns off after 15 seconds of stagnation.
    BRIGHT AMBIENT LIGHTING: 10 LEDs emit a bright strong glow in the dark, yet the frosted lampshade design evenly diffuses the light, to create warm ambient light and prevent harsh blinding effects.