A high-quality flashlight with solar recharging and a built in radio is the one that you should have at home for emergencies. This emergency flashlight radio has 3 LED bulbs, it compact with a radio and a flashlight.

The ASDOMO Emergency Dynamo Solar Self Powered flashlight radio can be charged or powered with a hand crank to wind up the internal alternator or charged via solar. It is also waterproof and even provides a USB recharging option!

One minute of cranking can give you over 5-minute of radio play time, over 30 minutes of continuous torchlight, and 5 minutes of mobile talk time.



This emergency flashlight with radio is very compact and lightweight. It is very convenient to carry and It is a survival kit that would help you when your phone’s battery runs out or if you are stuck somewhere in a storm.

It is a product with alluring features, we suggest you to not do any further delay and buy one for yourself and your loved ones!

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ASDOMO Emergency Dynamo Solar Self Powered.