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  • At Hodgson, we pride ourselves on simple innovation, providing products that go above and beyond the norm market standard. Our headlights are a perfect example of this principle, with a cutting edge and market redefining design that’s sure to put the competition to work! Perfect for recreational activities as well as emergency situations (ie. Vehicle breakdown, Power outage, etc)
    COMPLETELY WATERPROOF & SURVIVAL OPTIONS- While our competitors take pride in their products for being splash-resistant, our headlamps are completely waterproof. It is capable to be completely underwater up to 2 meters. Equipped with a firestarter as well as a SOS whistle for outdoor survival
    BUILT TO LAST & ADJUSTABLE- Our Headlamp is made out of aviation grade aluminum alloy, a material that is lightweight and durable. Built for rough use, the HODGSON headlamp is made to endure any rough handling to which they may be exposed. The Headlamp is also 90 degrees adjustable. 18650 Rechargeable battery and charger included, as well as a 3 AAA battery alternative chamber. 3 Different settings can last up to 4-6 hours