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  • FIND YOUR WAY IN THE DARK: You can now have perfect visibility in the dark with this LED tactical flashlight. The heavy duty flashlight will give you maximum brightness that will light up any room and path so you can work in dark spaces and find your way during the night. The military grade flashlight is very compact yet efficient and it’s perfect for hiking, camping, fixing things in the dark, or any emergency.
    EASY TO CHARGE: No need to worry about looking for new batteries every so often. This tactical flashlight has rechargeable batteries and it comes with a charger so you can always be prepared and never run out of power. And the best part? You can charge your flashlight without having to remove the battery in order to do so, for your convenience.
    CONVENIENT DESIGN: The LED flashlight is very easy to use and it has an ergonomic design so you can have maximum results in the case of an emergency. The tactical flashlight has the power button on the side so you can switch it on and off with your thumb and operate it with one hand for best results. It also has a convenient handle that will give you a strong and comfortable grip.