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  • ✅ Unparalleled flashlight brightness – LED light emits bright white light for a variety of tasks around the house. This bright rechargeable LED flashlight can reach up to 2624 feet. Therefore, this rechargeable LED flashlight is perfect for camping, extreme weather and emergency use
    ✅ Solid as a rock – The camping flashlight features a rugged design made of impact-resistant, lightweight, waterproof ABS plastic that is 10% more rugged than ordinary plastic. This waterproof LED flashlight can be used in rainy and wet environments.
    ✅ Light as a feather – This USB rechargeable flashlight with QLSS technology is 25% lighter than a regular flashlight, just the weight of two eggs, while it feels very comfortable to the touch. With a built-in 18650 battery, there’s no need to carry dry cell batteries. You’ll be amazed at how our LED rechargeable flashlight handle feels in your hand